Hi :)

The aim:

This is just my little corner of the Internet to play with. It is hopefully going to be a place where I can keep all my notes/projects in one place so I can access them easily. It will mainly be for my personal use but hopefully others will find it of some use. The two main subjects here will be  networking  and Linux.

Some Links of Interest:

GNS3 - One of the best networking apps I've ever used. Runs real IOS, ASA and now JunOS images!! Perfect for studying and great to quickly try something out in the office.


MythTV - A free open source PVR (and much more)


Linux - Usually run a version of Fedora and Centos

http://fedoraproject.org/ http://www.centos.org/

packetpushers.net - Very well made and informative podcast all about networking. I also post some content on there too :)


OpenVPN - Nice alternative to trusty IPSEC vpns. (works very nicely on android)


Wireshark - Awesome packet capture and analysis app! "the packets don't lie"


Cisco-nsp - Excellent mailing list whether its to ask a question or just to get tips/insight.


When I get more time I'll add more...

About me:

Im 31 from "sunny" Scotland. Currently work in the financial industry with previous roles in managed service, larger enterprises, telcos and an ISP. At the moment I'm studying towards the CCIE RS written exam. I strongly believe in continual development/learning through on the job experience and studying in my own time when necessary. I've failed my fair share of exams but I enjoy the challenge (most of time).

As I study I will post things here to make it clear in my mind and also so I will have a good place of reference. I usually find that trying to write as if explaining it to someone else helps me get it clear in my own mind. Over the last eight years I've studied towards and passed the Cisco CCNP SP, JNICA, CCDP, CCIP, CCNP & CCNA Security courses (although not always first time...). Looking to start studying different vendors like Juniper in the future if I can get a lab setup.

I'd like to try the CCIE lab in the future too but at the moment the costs are quite prohibitive although I am receiving support from my current employer now :). I've self funded just about all of my studying so when adding the +2 attempts most people seem to take plus the travelling costs its just way too much (If anyone would like to sponsor me just email below ;p).

From cisco.com

Cost of Lab Exam
Lab exams cost $1,400 USD each, not including travel and lodging. Costs may vary due to exchange rates and local taxes (VAT in Brussels and GST in Sydney). You are responsible for any fees your financial institution may charge to complete the payment transaction.

A more recent interest has been coding/scripting mostly with bash, TCL or Perl. Has helped me save a lot of time and gives a slightly different perspective to approach tasks


Any problems, questions or suggestions please contact m00nie{[at]}m00nie(dot)com or on twitter @mcm00nie