Gif search script for eggdrop bot

Just another small script that uses the nice API over at giphy to return gif links based on the query from a user. Requires +giphy set on the channel but hopefully a very simple and straight forward script although as…

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EIGRP Filtering (GNS3 lab)

In this GNS3 lab we’re looking as the various options on how we can filter updates between EIGRP speakers and then how that affects the traffic flow (as EIGRP is a distance vector protocol we can filter updates :))This is…

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Juniper SRX IPv6 (VDSL or FFTC)

Recently ZEN announced an open IPv6 trial in the UK and first impressions are very good (just like the rest of their service 😀 ) DHCPv6 using prefix delegation (RFC 3633) is being used to issue each subscriber with a…

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Image search script for eggdrop (Bing API)

Sadly one of the few APIs that still provides access to image search now the Bing API provides all the results for this script. Again a very simple script (it has a simple function? :)) Users can trigger and image…

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Install GNS3 1.x on Fedora 22

Quick guide to installing the quite awesome GNS3. Very similar process to Fedora 20 but this time using DNF and a small adjustment on some package names with some extras included now for dynamips to compile since it now uses…

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Decrypt HTTPS (SSL/TLS) with Wireshark

Wireshark has some very nice SSL/TLS decryption features tucked away although you need either of the following two: Access to the servers private pki key Access to the client machines and its (pre)master secrets (also need Firefox or Chrome) ***Unfortunately,…

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get vpn


Group Encrypted Transport (GET) VPN is slightly different and has quite different use cases from more traditional point to point IPSEC VPN where each point to point VPN is quite distinct in its own right. The most import thing to…

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Install NGINX with HTTP/2 and Pagespeed

Been playing recently with nginx rather than apache (nginx supports http/2 now as of 1.9.5) and its been quite a nice change with a much cleaner config in my mind. Pagespeed is also quite a nice module from our friends…

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