Juniper type $9$ password tool

Juniper type $9$ password tool

This is a Juniper equivalent to the Cisco Type 7 tool. It will only work with $9$ passwords it will not work with $1$ md5 hash passwords!
It will either take an encrypted password (did i mention its only $9$ types?) and "crack" it to display the plain text or will encrypt plain text into a usable type $9$ password that can be used on a Juniper device.

An example of a type $9$ is: $9$DMk5Ftu1rK80OvLXxdVHq.fz6B1heK80ORSeW-dUjH
Please note to include the $9$ part of the password.

Just pick either encrypt or decrypt and enter your sting.

Any problems or suggestions please let me know.


m00nie :D