September 16, 2010

Cacti host template for Cisco 1801 ISR

Everyone loves Cacti (?) so heres the first of my own host templates for Cacti. I should just mention that although I I use these templates you should consider them as untested/use at your own risk etc.

This one was made on a Cisco 1801 running 15.0.1M2(ED). Some example of the graphs it can create below.

Adsl line attenuation

1801 attenutaion

Memory usage

1801 mem use

Adsl line Speed

1801 speed

Adsl signal to noise ratio (needs some work done and updated soon)

1801 s2n

Cpu Usage

1801 cpu

As I add more features like VPN to this device the host template will grow to graph stats about that too :)

Grab the template here and import with Cacti then when you add a device just pick this as the host template.