Cisco ASA list all SNMP OIDs

Cisco ASA list all SNMP OIDs

I don't find the cisco SNMP documentation too intuitive(slow) to navigate at the moment so a nice little command to help with ASAs and finding interesting OIDs. It does seem to be one of the "hidden" commands for some reason...Should work with all ASAs running version 8+

m00nie-ASA# show snmp-server ?

engineID    Show snmp engineID
group       Show snmp groups
statistics  Show snmp-server statistics
user        Show snmp users

m00nie-ASA# show snmp-server oid?
ERROR: % Unrecognized command

The command below gives a nice easy to read list

As you can see from the above you need to type the whole command in since its "hidden"

m00nie-ASA# show snmp-server oidlist

[0]        sysDescr
[1]        sysObjectID
[2]        sysUpTime
[3]        sysContact
[4]        sysName
[5]        sysLocation
[6]        sysServices
[7]        ifNumber
[8]    ifIndex
[661]        cufwUrlfServerReqsNumDenied
[662]        cufwUrlfServerNumTimeouts

So lets use snmpwalk on our linux server to test things are ok and get some info with the newly found OIDs.

m00nie@linuxland:~$ snmpwalk -c lalalala -v 2c
SNMPv2-MIB::sysContact.0 = STRING: m00nies Networks

Now its easy to get cacti or similar to graph the info for you

m00nie :)