Cisco console shortcut commands

Cisco console shortcut commands

Moving around in Cisco consoles can be very repetitive and slow at times.

Just couple of commands from those  available that if you remember will add up to saving a significant amount of time and frustration.

Command: Ctrl + A
Function: Go to the beginning of the line. Useful for adding a no in front of a command? :p
"Useful" reminder: [A]t the beginning of the alphabet

Command: Ctrl + E
Function: Go to the end of the line.
"Useful" reminder: [E]nd of the line...

Command: Ctrl + B
Function: Move backword by one word
"Useful" reminder: Move [B]ackwards

Command: Ctrl + F
Function: Move forward by one word
"Useful" reminder: Move [F]orwards

Command: Ctrl + W
Function: Delete the word
"Useful" reminder: Delete the [W]ord

Command: Ctrl + U
Function: Delete the whole line
"Useful" reminder: ....[U]gh this whole line needs to go...

Command: Ctrl + Z
Function: Exit config mode
"Useful" reminder: [Z] is the end of the alphabet so then your at the end of your configs push [Z]

This isn't an exhaustive list of the shortcuts but I find the other ones aren't of as much use since they are mostly duplicates of the arrow key or delete keys. Hopefully you'll find these useful and if you have any better ways to initially remember them please
add a post.

Here's a post about adding your own shortcut commands.

m00nie :)