642-691 BGP+MPLS

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BGP Route Reflectors (GNS3 lab)

One problem of having a large number of routers running IBGP with each other in a full mesh is the volume of IBGP connections needed. The formula to see the number of connections

BGP Confederations (GNS3 Lab)

Similar to using route reflectors confederations are usually used to reduce the amount of IBGP connections needed for a full mesh. They do this by splitting an AS into multiple sub ASs. In

Changing MED value in BGP (GNS3 lab)

BGP Multiexit Discriminator (MED orMULTI_EXIT_DISC) is an optional nontransative attribute (Type code Value 4). It is usually used to exchange info about a preffered to external BGP neighbours. MED is passed

BGP Attributes

When BGP sends an UPDATE packet to a peer it sends path attributes associated with the prefix. These path attributes are then used by BGP to pick the best route to a destination.