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6to4 Tunnelling (GNS3 Lab)

This is a quick lab to look over how 6to4 tunnelling can be implemented using GNS3 1.3 and 3725 (running c3725-adventerprisek9-mz124-15.image). The topology will be as below but the important part

BGP RTBH setup using exaBGP

[toc]In this post I'll describe a basic setup using Cisco IOS, IOS XR and exaBGP that will function as a BGP remotely triggered blackhole (RTBH) allowing you to null route any source/

BGP Route Reflectors (GNS3 lab)

One problem of having a large number of routers running IBGP with each other in a full mesh is the volume of IBGP connections needed. The formula to see the number of connections

BGP Attributes

When BGP sends an UPDATE packet to a peer it sends path attributes associated with the prefix. These path attributes are then used by BGP to pick the best route to a destination.

QoS fields

The QoS fields used by the network device depend on the capabilities of the device and the QoS deployments of the network. Below is a little info about a few of these fields.