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Cisco console shortcut commands

Moving around in Cisco consoles can be very repetitive and slow at times. Just couple of commands from thoseĀ  available that if you remember will add up to saving a significant amount of

Cisco command aliases (shortcuts)

I find that (mis)typing the same commands over and over gets boring very quickly. Creating aliases for other commands on your Cisco equipment and save time and after a while become something

Vi display line number

Quite a few times its been useful to see the line number while editing a file. Easily done too :') Heres our poor file without an line numbering..... Now we use the command

Redirect root's email

The idea: Say to want to redirect all mail bound for root to another chosen account. Lots of things send mail to root by default so a good way to catch this easily.

General Linux Commands

Just a small collection of commands that I will add to as I find them..... Getting around + File commands cd - changes to your home directory rm -rf - removes a directory without