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openweathermap script for eggdrop

openweathermap script for eggdrop

Recently wunderground announced the end of new registrations for "free" API access making an earlier eggdrop weather script [here] somewhat less useful. The script below attempts to replicate the functionality but

Gif search script for eggdrop bot

Just another small script that uses the nice API over at giphy to return gif links based on the query from a user. Requires +giphy set on the channel but hopefully a very

jun2acl (Juniper to Cisco ACL Script)

Recently we've needed to migrate an inherited environment  away from Juniper Junos and onto Cisco IOS. As part of this a lot (!) of old an quite nasty firewall filter config needed to be

Youtube eggdrop script using API v3

Just a very simple eggdrop script that allows users to search on youtube using the youtube and will also return some information for any youtube link spamming into the channel set with +youtube.

Kuvaton Eggdrop script

A very simple little TCL script for an eggdrop bot that will grab either some random images or return search results from Any problems or suggestions just let me know.